About Us

The Union of Vietnamese Student Associations of the Midwest (UVSA-Midwest) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-partisan, community-based organization that was founded in 2007 as a means for Vietnamese youth organizations from across the Midwest region to network with one another, share common resources, develop leadership skills, and collaborate on philanthropic projects. UVSA-Midwest is committed to empowering emerging youth leaders within the Vietnamese community while preserving and promoting the Vietnamese culture. Servicing the Vietnamese-American community in the Midwest, UVSA-Midwest works as an partnership organization and collaborates with individual student associations and other related Vietnamese community-based organizations to conduct events and initiatives. We organize conferences and summits with a focus on leadership building, cultural awareness and identity, social and community advocacy on issues affecting the Vietnamese community in addition to the Collective Philanthropy Project (CPP).



In the fall of 2017, the UVSA-Midwest staff created a new logo for the organization. The new logo represents several facets of the Vietnamese-American narrative.

Circular Design: The circular design represents the sense of community and unity within the Midwest region. Being such a large region, we are all encapsulated with similar ideas and visions for this organization. In addition, the design represents the circle of life; as an organization that constantly allows leaders to grow, our new leaders are innovative yet able to align with past leaders’ visions for the organization. This circular design represents the cycle of learning and teaching that occurs within our organization.

Trident Design: The three lines inside the circular design depict the three lines of the Vietnamese Heritage flag- symbolizing the unification of the Northern, Central, and Southern regions of Vietnam.

Tapered Ends & Thick Lines: The thick and thin lines represent how members of our community gain knowledge and change throughout the course of our generations. The thin lines symbolize the beginning of new ideas and constant innovation, whereas the thick lines represent the experiences gained throughout the journey as we share such experiences within our community.