Executive Board

Nathan Giang


Born and raised in Indiana and currently residing in Chicago Illinois, Nathan Giang is a recent graduate from Purdue University with an degree in Mechanical Engineering. Nathan has been involved with the VSA community for over 4 years. He believes VSA serves as a catalyst for young individuals to grow into young professionals with tools needed to be successful in their career, relationships, and cultural roots. He is a avid chef and enjoys being an optimizer.

Tyson Banh

Internal Vice-President

Tyson Banh is a graduate from the University of Wisconsin–Madison, where he served VSA UW as Historian, President, and Advisor. He has been involved with UVSA-Midwest since 2012, currently serving as Internal Vice President. Tyson’s passion stems from building interpersonal relationships, developing student leaders, and giving back to an organization that sparked his journey in leading others. He is an advocate for others’ success and a resource full of experience and connections. As Internal Vice President, Tyson hopes to create more leadership opportunities, develop current leaders in UVSA-Midwest, and reconnect alumni to the organization with a more meaningful relationship.

Isabelle Ngo

External Vice-President

Born on the West Coast, raised in the Southwest, and currently residing in the Midwest, Isabelle Ngo is a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying Communications, International Policy, and Political Science. She believes that VSA is the perfect intersection for her interests and is excited to concentrate her efforts into UVSA-Midwest as External Vice-President and VIA-1 Conference Sponsorship Director. By bridging connections between UVSA and other organizations within the Midwest, Isabelle hopes to provide cultural and professional resources for UVSA-Midwest’s constituents.

Moony Vuong


Moony Vuong is a graduate from University of Minnesota, Spring 2017 with the focus of double major in Business & Marketing Education and Chinese, and in addition to a minor in Leadership. Her interest is within business and stems from assisting her father stocks trade and any money related. Moony’s passion grew as she took to the next level becoming treasurer for several student organization and continues as she becomes the Treasurer for UVSA-Midwest. Not only her passion lies along with business, but also for UVSA-Midwest starting as an attendee and progress as she takes on different leadership role within UVSA-Midwest such as VIA-1 Staff, Family Leader, Director, and Executive Board with a sole purpose of giving back to a community.

Cindy Nguyen


On the UVSA-Midwest Executive Board:

  • The elections for the executive board shall take place during the general meeting at the VIA-1 conference every other year
  • Each CoSR representative shall cast a vote representing the majority of the votes of the present members of the state
  • In the event of a tie, the current Executive Board shall cast the deciding vote, as determined by a simple majority
  • The suffrage shall be universal, direct and anonymously