Member States and Schools

Our Members

Schools containing VSAs located in the Midwest region have the opportunity to apply and become a “member school” of UVSA-Midwest. There are currently 25 member schools residing in 9 states. To see the official list of member schools, click here.

Membership Benefits

Benefits of Being a Member State


Interest States and State Representatives are able to review UVSA-Midwest constitution to fully understanding of the process of becoming an official state of UVSA-Midwest and to better understand its structure as well as their voice within the organization.

State Representative

UVSA-Midwest will ensure that the State Representative of the interest state will be fully transitioned and receives the resources, knowledge, and networks needed to ensure success within the position.

State Representatives have voting power to ensure checks-and-balances within the org when it comes to constitutional changes, choosing event hosts, submitting ranked votes for all potential future Collective Philanthropy Project Beneficiaries, and more.

Local VSA Development

Upon request, UVSA-Midwest will review and analyze the current constitution of the local VSA, co-develop a sustainability plan, and invite the President of the local VSA will have access to the UVSA-Midwest President’s Circle.

Moreover, the local VSA is allowed to use UVSA-Midwest as a fiscal sponsor for various projects requiring a 501(c)(3) status. Any other resources and documentation will be shared related to but not limited to the following topics include: membership retention, organizational growth, Executive Board transitioning, fundraising, marketing, information systems, event planning, and grant writing.

Regional Participation

Event Host Bidding - Members schools will have the power to submit bids to host UVSA-Midwest events: Leadership Summit and the Vietnamese Interacting as One Conference.

Elections Voting - Member schools will have the right to vote during Council of State Representatives Elections and Executive Board Elections at Vietnamese Interacting as One Conferences.

Alumni Network - Member schools will have access to a vast alumni network throughout the Midwest and other regions.

Event Benefits - Member schools will have access to benefits toward events such as discounted registration, early access to registration, and other benefits.

Collective Philanthropy Project

Member schools are able to work towards a common goal to spread awareness and fundraise for CPP. UVSA-Midwest will provide all necessary information and documentation needed to understand, spread awareness, and fundraise for the Collective Philanthropy Project and its present beneficiary.

How to Apply

If an organization from a non-affiliated UVSA-Midwest state is interested in joining the Midwest region, the following procedure should take place:

  1. The interested organization must fill out the annual UVSA-Midwest membership application (please contact for a copy of the membership application).
  2. The interested organization(s) must then elect their own state representative to join the Council of State Representatives. The means of election is ultimately decided by said interest organization; however, upon request UVSA-Midwest may provide resources and assistance in order to facilitate the ele
  3. The UVSA-Midwest Executive Board and newly elected State Representative must sign the Memorandum of Understanding. To further expand upon, the Memorandum of Understanding serves as a series of promises that both parties will uphold to the best of their abilities to ensure growth and development in both organizations.
  4. If steps 1-3 are completed before October 1st, then the incoming State Representative will have full voting privileges in determining a host for the Vietnamese Interacting as One Conference as well as Executive Board elections. However, if these steps are completed after October 1st then the incoming state representative will have limited voting power. More specifically, they can not vote in selecting the next VIA-1 host as well as Executive Board elections if the current year is for Executive Board Elections. Upon the 2nd following VIA-1 host selection, the State Representative will regain full voting privileges.
  5. After the first year of membership, the Executive Board and interested organizations will conduct a yearly review to determine if the interested organization/state is fulfilling the expectations outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding.