Collective Philanthropy Project (CPP)

Every year, local VSAs in the Midwest come together in a community effort to fundraise for one charitable cause every year as part of the Collective Philanthropy Project (CPP), which was created in none other than the Midwest region! Whether it’s through hosting service auctions, sports tournaments, bake sales, and other fundraisers, local VSAs are dedicated to raising money for CPP. Our dedication to serving our communities has allowed UVSA-Midwest to raise an upwards of $25,000 each year towards CPP since 2006.

This year our beneficiary is the Pacific Links Foundation. UVSA-Midwest will work alongside local VSAs in a collective effort to fundraise for our beneficiary to create better change. More information on Pacific Links Foundation can be found at

Since 2006, UVSA-Midwest has worked with the following charities:

*Schools must send their donations towards our current beneficiary (Pacific Links Foundation) to [ADDRESS] by [DATE] in order for their donations to count towards UVSA-Midwest’s Collective Philanthropy Project.