Election Process

Interested in getting involved with UVSA-Midwest? Elections are held every two years during VIA-1 Conference for the Executive board and every year for Council of State Representatives during Leadership Summit.

Board of Directors

  • Voting for each BoD  position shall be staggered such that two of the two existing Bod  positions will be up for reelection each year
  • Each active Executive Board member and CoSR member have one vote
  • Election packet link

Executive Board

  • The elections for the executive board shall take place during the general meeting at the VIA-1 conference every other year
  • Each CoSR representative shall cast a vote representing the majority of the votes of the present members of the state
  • In the event of a tie, the current Executive Board shall cast the deciding vote, as determined by a simple majority
  • The suffrage shall be universal, direct and anonymously
  • Election Packet Link

Council of State Representatives

  • Members of the CoSR are elected during the general meeting during Leadership Summit conference every year.
  • For states that do not have representatives present, the Executive Board will appoint a new Representative or re-elect the existing Representative
  • Election Packet link