Leadership Summit

Leadership Summit is an opportunity for leaders in the VSA community to come together to discuss issues, collaborate, and brainstorm solutions that concerns VSA as a whole organization. This event is typically co-hosted between UVSA-Midwest and a host school to provide leaders from the host school the tools and resources to learn more about project management. At this summit, members are able to showcase their local VSAs to other schools, discuss topics they feel are important at their state caucus, create impactful relationships through mentorship, and learn how to leave a leadership legacy in their communities!


  • 2008: Janesville, WI
  • 2009: Purdue University
  • 2010: Northwestern University
  • 2011: Michigan State University
  • 2011: Purdue University (Moved to October)
  • 2012: Marquette University
  • 2013: University of Minnesota Twin Cities
  • 2014: University of Iowa
  • 2015: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • 2016: University of Cincinnati
  • 2017: University of Notre Dame

For more information, please visit http://summit.uvsamidwest.org.