Leadership Summit

The purpose of the Leadership Summit is to help bring together all the leaders of our respective VSA’s across the Midwest and discuss a ranging variety of themes and topics. Attendees typically include previous and current board members and future potential leaders as well.

The Leadership Summit is a great opportunity for leaders to come together and discuss issues, problems, ideas, and etc. concerning VSA as a whole organization. With this Summit, we hope to help you develop and grow as a leader and help to better your own VSA. As with other UVSA-Midwest events, this is a great networking opportunity, especially since this is more on an intimate and personal level. You will be able to meet other leaders of VSA’s from different schools, share your thoughts and ideas, and build both professional and personal relationships.

Though it may be a challenging endeavor, the resulting product of your hard work will be worthwhile. With your help, not only will your organization have the opportunity to lead a premier event, but will also be able to showcase to the Midwest the dedication, quality, and passion that consists within your VSA.


  • 2008: Janesville, WI
  • 2009: Purdue University
  • 2010: Northwestern University
  • 2011: Michigan State University
  • 2011: Purdue University (Moved to October)
  • 2012: Marquette University
  • 2013: University of Minnesota Twin Cities
  • 2014: University of Iowa
  • 2015: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • 2016: University of Cincinnati
  • 2017: University of Notre Dame

For more information, please visit http://summit.uvsamidwest.org.