Vietnamese Interacting as One Conference

Every year, the Union of Vietnamese Student Associations of the Midwest (UVSA-Midwest) hosts the Vietnamese Interacting as One (VIA-1) Conference in a selected state within the region. As UVSA-Midwest’s largest event, VIA-1 brings together hundreds of individuals from VSA communities not only from the Midwest region, but also from other areas of the country. This conference aims to develop and strengthen the leadership skills of young professionals through workshops and activities, but also encourages them to inspire others and make great accomplishments by utilizing the knowledge and skills obtained over the weekend. Throughout the conference, the Collective Philanthropy Project, and other leadership development initiatives, participants raise appreciation for Vietnamese culture, take part in a philanthropy project, and network to make connections that will last a lifetime!

For the upcoming Spring 2018, the University of Cincinnati has been given the opportunity to be the host of this upcoming conference, which will take place from April 6-8, 2018. If you are interested in being a Conference Community Sponsor or learning more about our event, please follow these links: Sponsorship Proposal and VIA-1 Conference Website.



  • 2003: Cincinnati | A Standing Start
  • 2004: Michigan | Lead to Succeed
  • 2005: IVSU (Depaul University; combined with UNAVSA-2) | Action in Unity
  • 2006: University of Minnesota | Con Rồng Cháu Tiên – The Best of Both Worlds: The Merging of Two Cultures
  • 2007: Purdue University | Embrace the Past, Empower the Future
  • 2008: Notre Dame | Golden Dreams
  • 2009: Northwestern University | Come Together
  • 2010: University of Wisconsin-Madison | From Possibility to Actuality
  • 2011: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign | A Story of Our Own
  • 2012: University of Cincinnati | A Decade of Progress
  • 2013: University of Iowa | From Today, For Tomorrow
  • 2014: The Ohio State University | Returning Tides – Forging a New Path
  • 2015: Michigan State University | Bridging Identities
  • 2016: University of Wisconsin-Madison | Shifting the Paradigm|Unity in Voices
  • 2017: University of Minnesota | Cùng Nhau Lên Tiếng: Together, Let’s Raise Our Voices