CoSR Project (Xuân Gala)

Xuân Gala is one of the projects led by the Council of State Representatives (CoSR). It aims to foster relationships and interactions between UVSA-Midwest alumni and undergraduate students while also raising money for our Collective Philanthropy Project beneficiary. Xuân Gala consists of a 5K run, networking event, and gala. Collectively, these activities promote both professional and personal growth between alumni and undergraduate students.

The Council of State Representatives initiated this project in 2016 as a means to bridge the gap between UVSA-Midwest alumni and undergraduates. The CoSR recognized the importance of retaining alumni, as their leadership experience, values, and charisma are the building blocks of successful undergraduate leaders. Since then, over 200 undergraduate students and alumni have connected to make the UVSA-Midwest community engaging.




  • 2016: Purdue University
  • 2017: University of Notre Dame

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