Consequences of Sexual Misconduct

UVSA-Midwest has a zero tolerance policy for any sexual misconduct. Those who commit any form or act of sexual misconduct will be immediately removed from the venue, and all event and housing permissions will be revoked. Individuals will no longer have the privilege to attend future UVSA-Midwest events and initiatives or its External and Regional partners’ initiatives and projects. An incident report will be filed and the proper due process will be conducted. To expand on the consequences; after the investigation report is filed and due process is created, guilty parties will be blacklisted which is to be barred as a member of this organization. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Participation in any UVSA-Midwest sponsored event or program
  • Donating directly to the organization or on behalf of the organization in any way
  • Claiming past, current, or future affiliation to UVSA-Midwest in any capacity

The decision to ban this individual only pertains to UVSA-Midwest sponsored events. There is no obligation for member schools or partner organization to uphold our ruling with their own programs and events. However, we strongly urge and encourage that leaders and decision makers have an open and honest discussion internally to decide how they would like to address this current and potentially similar future situations. If the guilty parties are also involved, UVSA-Midwest maintains our right to inform need to know leaders in our community (including but not limited to member organizations and partners such as UNAVSA).