Helping a victim if both parties are present

Usually this applies to situations in which one party is feeling uncomfortable and an act of sexual harassment or violence could take place or is beginning to take place.

  1. Interrupt the situation
    1. This is good if you feel one party is feeling uncomfortable but does not know what to do and if the situation has not escalated. This could mean interrupting or distracting either the person uncomfortable or causing the discomfort. This gives the person who is uncomfortable an opportunity to walk away or find safety
  2. Ex: “Hey I need your help” or “We should get going”Contact a person of authority or third party
    1. This is good if you yourself are not comfortable confronting the situation head on. Keep in mind that even if you contact a third person, it might take some time before anyone shows up. Be prepared to interrupt the situation, whether directly or indirectly.
    2. Ex: Hotel staff, another conference staff member, 911